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Signs of Spring – Where Are You?

After more snow days than normal here in NC, we are READY for spring! We have had a nice week of 60-70 degree weather most days, but wintry mix is in the forecast again next week – let’s hope it skips us! But, with springlike weather this week, I used the opportunity to do a lesson with my Kinders on one of my favorite signs of spring (besides the warmer weather!) – robins!

Using the Super 3, we planned some questions we might want to answer about robins and what types of sources we could use. Then, we watched this video (about 5 minutes long, but you could shorten it) to observe robins and see what we could learn. This included things like color, food, etc. There is no narration on the video, just shots of robins. Then we read this webpage as a class and talked about it. The kids love that baby robins eat 100 meals a day!

Afterwards, I had the kids choose something they thought was interesting that they learned about robins (not I like robins or Robins are pretty – it has to be a fact they learned) and write a sentence or two. They illustrate them and we talk about how the pictures can show information also – the coloring, the nests, etc – and should show what their sentence talked about. Here are a few of their pictures. I love how well they remembered the colors of a robin.


Robins can fly.


Robins have blue eggs.


Robins eat worms and berries.

Choose Your Own Disaster

4th grade students recently completed a Choose Your Own Adventure type of project with me about natural disasters. Each student chose a natural disaster to research here, and then had to create a graphic organizer with an introductory paragraph about the event, two possible choices, and two possible results from each choice. We had a lot of fun with it and it really pushed the critical thinking past the basic research facts because the students had to apply the information to various situations. Of course, we also used Citation Maker for the citation. Here are some pics of some of the finished products.

100_0385100_0387 100_0388 100_0389100_0386 100_0390 100_0391

Superhero Writers

I got an email this morning from Capstone about a great writing contest they are hosting. Do you have students in grades 3-6 that might be interested in:

A trip for four to:

  • An exclusive tour of DC Entertainment Offices
  • A VIP tour for four of Warner Bros. Animation Studios (including travel, lodging and transportation)


  • A collection of DC Comics and Capstone merchandise
  • The hero featured in the winning entry will win $2,500 to be donated to a charity of his or her choice
  • The top five finalists will win a set of Capstone’s Man of Steel chapter books!

Then you might want to check out this writing contest. The prizes might make some of your more reluctant writers sit up and want to give it a try!