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Spider Photostories

I know I am a little behind posting some of our activities this year, but maybe some ideas will give you fuel for thought for next year or another topic! For Halloween this year, I wanted to do something that didn’t actually cover Halloween, so with my second graders, we studies spiders! I put the kids in partners and each group chose a type of spider to research. (We use Super 3 here for K-2.) They used this site to research their type of spider and draw a picture of it. The next class was spent writing a paragraph about it and practicing reading it as we then turned their work into a photostory. Each student read their paragraph as narration over a photo of their illustration, then we watched the finished class video together. Photostory is so easy to use, even if you have never tried it and it is a free download. Here are some of the kids’ illustrations.

100_0405 100_0411 100_0410 100_0409 100_0404 100_0403