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Thank You NC Aquariums!


Skyping with Fort Fisher Aquarium

What an amazing opportunity we had today! Andy from Fort Fisher Aquarium skyped with one of my third grade classes today and it was fantastic! There is an element in our science curriculum now about fresh, brackish, and salt water environments. I emailed the aquarium to ask for some resources and to ask if they would talk to our class. They said they don’t usually but would help us out.





That is where Andy came in! He is the Outreach Coordinator at Fort Fisher and he did a great interactive presentation with the kids. Learning about the 3 areas of water was so clear the way he talked about it! He showed the kids turtles from fresh water and salt water (yes, REAL turtles!) and then showed them one from the brackish water areas that had a hybrid of characteristics from fresh and salt water turtles. He also showed them some other animals and talked about how we can work to keep our water cleaner.

The kids loved the presentation, had a ton of questions for him, and now they are so excited to learn more about everything he talked about! Thank you SO MUCH for a wonderful opportunity NC Aquariums!!