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Bats or Owls?

As I mentioned in my earlier post, I like to do things that sort of celebrate Halloween without celebrating Halloween, so I often use animals to help me do that. For second grade, we did the spider photostories. For first grade, we researched bats and owls and then compared them in a powerpoint.

Again, using the Super 3, we spent one class on owls, one on bats, one with the kids comparing them and creating a venn diagram, and one class creating the powerpoint, so it did take us a while! For the notes, we used a simple two column page with Owls (or bats) are…, Owls can…, and Owls have. The kids filled it in with a partner after we did research as a class. They love doing powerpoints too, and I think it is an important skill to learn how to use. Their favorite part is clip art though! I let them add pictures if they finish all the typed information.

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