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Polar Bear Sentence Flips


100_0272I thought with winter approaching the kids might like to learn more about one of those animals they usually love – polar bears! We made these quick little flip charts with sentence starters for them to fill in as we read. We reviewed the Super 3 Research Process – plan, do, review – and then we read a non-fiction book looking at the text features. They filled in some of the facts they learned from that, then we looked at the National Geographic Creature Feature for more information. I like to try to get information from more than one type of source if we can so the kids see different ways to gather information. They finished off adding some facts and seemed to really like using the flip chart type booklet to help them organize the information. Each flap says either can, are, or have. We ran out of time to add citations, but we did talk about it. Here are the insides of some of their flip booklets. You can click on the pictures to see them enlarged to read better if you would like.
100_0271 100_0270 100_0269 100_0273

Hibernation Photostories

I decided to get brave and try something new. I have done photostories with older kids before but I had not yet tried them with Kindergarteners. I decided to do some hibernation research with them and have them create a class photostory with the information they learned. I think they are turning out pretty well! I have not finished every class yet, but have done most of them.

We just talked about different animals that hibernate and each table was assigned an animal to illustrate hibernating. I also gave them some pictures of the animals to look at at the tables. Then they thought of a sentence about the animal hibernating for the photostory.  You can see the end results here, just click on each class to see the different ones.