Kindergarten is always a task of building on a little at a time. We start with procedures, build up to fiction and nonfiction, then onto Super 3 with other things built in and I try to circle back and review everything throughout the year. We researched apples, then later bees, and then pumpkins but were able to tie them together with similar life cycles, bees are needed to pollinate both, and so forth. For bees this year, we read about them, looked at diagrams in the books and the photographs and talked about how we get information from pictures as well as text. Then, we made our own and labeled their bodies. Here is one I snapped a photo of after we were done. We labeled the head, leg and wing first to get used to it, then added the thorax and abdomen which were new vocabulary words for most of them. We talked about labels and the lines to show what you are labeling and looked at examples in books as well.

bee 2016.jpg


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