I am back! (I hope)

I have heard from several of you that you are waiting for some new posts! I had no idea so many people actually read this blog, but I am so flattered that you take your time to read! I have been very behind on posting new activities, but I will try to do better this year! Help me know what you like, would like to see more of, or just that you are reading by commenting on posts. I see all the comments and will try to answer questions!

This year has been a blur so far, I can’t believe it is almost second quarter already! Some of our big projects are ones we have done before but I tweaked as usual and some are new. I will post a few posts throughout this week to catch up a little. I didn’t take pictures at the beginning of the year as much though and haven’t with the big kids, but I will try to be better!

Thanks for reading and I hope this blog is helpful to you!

I will leave with a Happy Halloween and one of my favorite librarian shirts I have that seems apropos for today!

batgirl shirt.jpeg


2 thoughts on “I am back! (I hope)

  1. Heather McCutchen November 10, 2016 at 4:38 PM Reply

    Thanks for the updates! You’re awesome!

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