Blabber On About Eggs

A Kindergarten class has been working on studying animals that hatch from eggs as a different take on Easter egg festivities. Their Easter baskets have information about four different animals that lay eggs – one on each side. They studied turtles, chicks, butterflies, and frogs. Once they learned about them, they wrote about them in groups and then we created a Blabber for each group. Blabberize is a free to use. Just upload a picture, move the mouth where you want it, and record! Here are some of their finished products. (All pictures used came from Creative Commons.) I tried to embed them, but it didn’t look like it worked, so the links below will take you to the videos. They are each less then a minute long.

Frogs (Give it a second to start, the students didn’t always start right at the beginning of the recording.)
Butterflies 1 and 2 (these were done by individual students, not one group)


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  1. […] Kids, you can take a photo and draw a line, have the kids narrate, and the photo talks. Similar to Blabberize, but infinitely easier as long as you have an iPad.) We have 2 iPads, thanks to a grant I got. I […]

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