Visualization and….Monsters?

This week is End of Quarter testing and we try to get as many teachers their planning breaks as we can in spite of many of the specialists helping with testing. On Monday, I covered our Art special in a third grade classroom and wanted to still include a little art since they were missing it. I decided to read I Need My Monster by Amanda Noll and talk about how much fun picture books are even as you get older. We also talked about listening for details and visualizing in your head as you read. I had the students divide the front of their paper into 4 boxes. As we read, each monster is described. I advised them to jot notes of descriptions they heard (I didn’t show the pictures.) After each monster visit I paused for them to draw the monster they saw in their head. After all 4 of the monsters, the main one returns and they draw him on the back because he has the most description. I was not sure how much they would like this lesson, but they LOVED it! They could not wait to see the book’s illustrations at the end and the teacher even wanted to keep the papers to hang up in class.

Here is the book and some of their artwork:


100_1200 100_1201 100_1202



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