Welcome Back! (A little late!)

We are about 6 weeks into the school year but welcome back! We have an alternating schedule this year of flex scheduling 1st and 3rd quarters with fixed scheduling K-5 2nd and 4th quarters. Because we started off with flex scheduling, this is the first chance I have had to post anything! The schedule has stayed filled up most days and we have done projects with many classes. With about 900 students and 6-7 classes per grade level, it is easy to do! K-5 have had orientation, 2nd has worked on butterflies and moths, 3rd has done plants and is working on the solar system, 4th has done NC symbols and  3 variations on the Lost Colony (different teachers wanted different focuses) along with a few extra projects in the AG class, and 5th has done a big native americans project. Whew!

I will be at our state media conference tomorrow through Saturday (NCSLMA) and hope to come back with lots of awesome new project ideas! If you have not been to your state conference, I highly recommend it based on the one we have here in NC. If you can get here, you should come! If you see me, be sure to say hi!


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