Solar System Trading Cards

As many of you know, 3rd grade has a tremendous amount of testing that they are responsible for and in our school, the only grade level with a full time assistant is Kindergarten. So, to get some of their one on one testing done, we got creative and planned some units to do in the library to go with their classroom curriculum and planned them during their testing windows. This way, the students still get instruction, they get some research projects done, and the teachers can pull students to test one on one while the class is working. We already did a carnivorous plants unit, but I didn’t remember to take any pictures. So, here are some pictures for our current unit on the solar system to enrich the classroom teaching piece and get the kids excited. The fronts of the cards have a title and a picture and the backs have facts and a citation. They started with a graphic organizer to gather the information. We used print books for this since they usually use online resources and I love the series we have on the planets. I wanted them to practice with text features and charts and these books use those well. In fact, I think the part the kids liked best was when they finished their cards, I let them swap books just to read about some of the other planets and they LOVED it. They just don’t get a lot of time to read without it being connected to an end product. Non fiction text reading – kids excited about curriculum – reading with text features – WIN WIN WIN!

September 2014 013

graphic organizer and back of trading card

September 2014 014

front of trading card

September 2014 012


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