Literacy Night – Make and Take

In looking at data for our school, we realized we need some strategies to help groups of students become better readers, work on fluency, and other skills. As a result, I suggested a make and take night for parents to attend with their child. When I was a classroom teacher, I really saw the power of activities like making words, spelling words in different ways, and other activities that are easy for parents to do at home – IF they know what to do. So, we will be hosting two nights, one for K-2 and one for 3-5 in which we will ask teachers to tell us some of the skills students need the most help with and design activity directions for parents using things they already have at home. We will also have stations they can choose to learn more about (and make) materials such as making words kits, pen pal writing, using tactile items to help spell words (shaving cream, sandpaper, etc) and other things so they can go home armed with ideas and materials to help their child.

We have also invited the public library to come talk about programs they offer and to have library card sign ups. Do you have any ideas of make and takes we could include?


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