I like to use this 3-2-1 sheet with my newbie researchers, usually first graders. Last week, we did one together on crocodiles (our school mascot) and this week, they are doing one with a partner. I pulled some books about animals on a younger reading level and had them fill in the rest! Here are some photos. They seem to have fun with this, I think because they like animals!


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  1. clnelson October 30, 2013 at 12:46 PM Reply

    Holly, I can answer a question you had a good while ago about picture storage for pics you use on your blog. Most blog services will limit the amount you host on their site, but you can use them on your blog, and reference them from other sites. This means they won’t use up storage on your wordpress site or other service. I always host mine on Flickr, and then grab the URL to add a picture to a post. It’s free. I went ahead and purchased a premium flickr account (est $25 a year) so I could have unlimited storage but it has been so worth it to have a place to store and organize my photos, and be able to get the URL so I could use it on my own blog. So in a nutshell, I created the account to be able to reference my own picture content on my blog instead of uploading them there, and grew to began Flickr for all my photo storage, including family, pets, blog stuff and more. Not trying to sell you anything, just trying to answer what I perceived as a question from one of your last blog posts before moving to wordpress.

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