Spring Cleaning and Summer Reading

100_0786We held our first ever book swap and it was a success! I have done these before at other schools, but not in a school as big as mine is now. (We have about 940 students.) I made some adjustments and it went pretty well for the first one! I gave students three days they could bring in gently used elementary school age books, up to ten picture books and/or ten chapter books. They brought them to the library where we gave them a voucher with the number of books (written in word form so there couldn’t be any changing of numbers) and they just had to bring them back at their grade level’s assigned shopping time to “buy” new to them books. They got the same number of books they brought in. We only let them get chapter books if they brought chapter books so it was fair for those who brought in chapter books to be able to get other chapter books. We had a few people generously donate extra books, so we had some extra to choose from that will carry over to next year’s swap. I would highly recommend trying it at your school! The kids had a blast and were so excited about their “new” books.100_0799 100_0800 100_0801


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2 thoughts on “Spring Cleaning and Summer Reading

  1. Pam Artis June 13, 2013 at 1:29 AM Reply

    I am seriously considering doing this. Thank you for sharing.

    • Holly DuBois June 14, 2013 at 8:22 AM Reply

      I did it at Draper years ago and had decent participation, but I didn’t separate chapter books and picture books and they all wanted chapter books. So, I let the oldest come shop first and worked our way down.

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