Kindergarten Blabbers

We had fun blabbering on in Kindergarten! By that I mean we created animal blabbers with Blabberize! We have used Blabberize recently with third graders, but I had not tried it with kids younger than that before, but when a K teacher asked me about an animal project – I thought we might be able to give it a try!

The teacher wanted to research animals with a high reading group, so I suggested creating a final project with Blabberize. We had planned to research one day and do the blabbers the next day, but the K schedule got moved around a bit, so she ended up doing the blabbers as a center in the classroom. We used a graphic organizer that asked for 3 things they learned, 2 interesting facts, and 1 question they still had. We had them choose an animal from books I had pulled that they would be able to read. They had about an hour for research in partners the first day and the teacher said it took about an hour to do the blabbers, but she had already used Creative Commons to find pictures to make it easier to get started. We are really excited about the results and the kids were super happy to see the finished products. We will definitely try this again!! Here are some of the final projects. (I tried embedding them, but the links work better!)







Snowy Owl


Sea Horse



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