NCCBA 2013


The nominees we read for NCCBA

We recently completed our NCCBA readings in K-2. (North Carolina Children’s Book Awards if you are not from North Carolina.) You can see what we did last year, but this year I did it a little differently. Last year we focused more on the different animals in the books because so many of the books had animals. This year the choices were much more varied and I wanted to read more of the selections. So, I created a ballot type paper for the students to draw a quick picture of a main idea from the book and rate each book as we read. This way they could go back and remember what we read much easier. I read them over 3 classes and we voted. Pete the Cat, I Love My White Shoes was the definite winner from our school! I will send the votes on to the state and we will see if we represent the same views of the kids across the state. Here are a couple of pictures of their papers in progress. I was excited to really some great details from the stories and thought from the kids about how to represent the stories.

100_0496 100_0495 100_0494 100_0493 100_0572


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2 thoughts on “NCCBA 2013

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    […] the year with a fun activity, so I used perfect square with my Kinders, even though we read it for NCCBA already. We read it again and I gave each of them a square of paper in their choice of color. They […]

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