LMNO Peas – Who Are You?

100_0623We recently finished our NCCBA voting and I wanted to do a little extra activity with my Kinders because they liked LMNO Peas so much. So, we talked about the last page of the book that says Who Are You? We looked at the artwork in the book and then each student drew the first letter of their name and drew peas doing things they like to do. (They could also differentiate and some added words or sentences about their peas.) At the end I let each student present under the document camera and tell us about what they drew. It was a class not as much about research and gathering information, but I think it is important to incorporate some fun book lessons and presenting also. I tried doing the whole first name with one class, but they had trouble writing it large and fitting it on the page at the same time, so I changed to just the first initial which is more like the book anyway. We looked at some of the illustrations and how they drew peas and I showed an example that I made for myself. They really liked this and loved presenting them! I think I will use this in the future at the beginning of the year as a get to know you activity. Here are a few more of their pictures and some of them presenting to the class.

100_0620 100_0619 100_0618 100_0622 100_0625


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