Making History Fun

As you saw in my previous post about the third grade wax museum, we have been researching local people in history. One class wanted to take it a step further and we used photos taken of them that day in costume to create Blabberize videos. If you have not seen this site before, you basically upload a picture, draw in a mouth, and record what you want it to say. I talked a bit about it posts on my last blog here and here.

The kids had a lot of fun with it. One thing to keep in mind is that you will need to have an account set up ahead of time. I just went to each computer and logged in when they were ready to save. We then had the kids copy and paste the url link in a shared document and also write the link down on paper just in case so we could get back to them! Here are a few of their blabbers! (I tried to embed them, but it didn’t seem to take so here are some links to some of them!)

Blabber 1

Blabber 2

Blabber 3

Blabber 4

Blabber 5


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One thought on “Making History Fun

  1. […] in Kindergarten! By that I mean we created animal blabbers with Blabberize! We have used Blabberize recently with third graders, but I had not tried it with kids younger than that before, but when a K teacher asked me about an […]

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