Penguins Can…Get the Kids’ Attention!

Kids love penguins, and polar bears, but we are talking about penguins now. (We talked about polar bears earlier with another grade level, you can’t use them all up with one grade level, you have to spread the fun around some!) With my first graders, we are using the Super 3 to learn about penguins and make a small flip book this rotation, then next rotation we will read One Cool Friend and talk about fiction penguins. But, back to this class…
We read about penguins on National Geographic and in a National Geographic book I have also. Then, the kids created a Penguins can… and Penguins have… booklet. They were to put at least 3 things penguins can do on the one side and draw and label a penguin on the other. They really love making booklets so that makes them even more excited! (One hint I try to remember to do – make the booklet first, then gather info to put into it.) They really impress me with some of the things they think of from what we read.  Here they are working on their booklets today.

Here is the book we read and the front of my sample booklet.

This was my example I made to show the students.

This was my example I made to show the students.

100_0420 100_0421 100_0422 100_0423 100_0424 100_0425 100_0426 100_0427


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